Art Works Insurance

The subject-matter of insurance – high-value pictures, sculptures, furniture, antiques, jewelry, etc.; collections and individual works of art. Works of art are insured against all risks, including fire, water damage, theft, and vandalism.

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works of art are insured at places of their permanent storage or places of display, during temporary expositions when works of art are leased or rented, at exhibitions, during transportation;

in the event of destruction or theft of a work of art, the policyholder shall receive an amount corresponding to actual market value on the day of the event;

in the case of damage of a work of art, the cost of its restoration and loss of its value shall be indemnified;

on the market, insurance solutions can be found where it is not necessary to provide intrusion evidence in the case of theft; proportional insurance clause is not applicable.

in addition to the insurance cover, the policyholder can obtain advice from a specialized broker or insurance company with expertise in the storage, transportation, and valuation of works of art.

art collectors (both private and corporate);

museums, galleries, auctions;

art dealers, consultants;

art restorers;


artwork carriers.

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