Business Interruption Insurance

Financial losses suffered by an insured person due to the fact that the insured person is forced to terminate the business or reduce its volume due to destruction, damage or loss of property used for business purposes upon the occurrence of the event insured against.

By taking business interruption insurance, you will be compensated for the financial loss caused by the property loss in the company (fire, explosion and other insured risks listed in the property insurance contracts).

Business interruption is always insured in conjunction with insurance for company assets and/or equipment breakdown insurance. In such case, only the damage caused by the same risks or by the risks that are even more limited in scope is compensated.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

loss of profit that an enterprise would have earned if its assets were not damaged or destroyed;

fixed costs (employee salaries, bank interest, depreciation) and other long-term fixed liabilities that the company incurs irrespective of its disruption;

part of variable costs to support the company; additional costs that the company incurs to reduce business interruption losses and to speed up the recovery of lost assets and resume operations.

the enterprise is entitled to insurance compensation and acquires the opportunity not to lose the estimated profit and retains the ability to meet the fixed financial obligations from the day on which an insured event occurs;

in addition to compensation of material losses, the company is assisted with support to enable it to return to previous operations levels, before it was interrupted;

the company retains the ability to not lose market share as a result of the timely resumption of its activities.

manufacturing companies whose activities may be interrupted for a relatively long time due to the insured event;

other profit-oriented entities.

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