Contractors' All Risks (CAR) Insurance

It is a type of insurance that ensures the protection of construction and installation work during the entire period of their execution.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

construction work for residential individual and multi-apartment buildings;

construction work for administrative buildings, schools, theaters, hospitals, hotels;

construction work for industrial buildings (factories, warehouses, hangars);

road and railway construction work;

construction work for bridges, dams, canals, tunnels;

costs for managing the site of the insured event (e.g. Cleaning up the construction site after the insured event);

auxiliary equipment for carrying out construction work (shuttering, scaffolding, temporary accommodation for building staff);

construction machinery;

civil liability – damage caused to third parties during the execution of construction works;

objects located at the client’s site or construction site and owned by the customer;

warranty period.

insurance cover is provided on the basis of “all risks”;

all the sudden and unexpected losses of the insured object during the execution of the construction works are compensated: fire, lightning, explosion, overflow, flood, storm, theft or robbery, negligence, lack of work experience, human factor, any other sudden and unexpected event (vehicle crash or accident, impact of foreign objects, etc.).

contractors and subcontractors;

customers (builders);


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