Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness supplementary insurance is a type of insurance where an insured person is paid a one-off insurance benefit or reimbursed the cost of treatment received in case of being diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses. This helps to avoid major financial losses and focus on recovery and grant financial support for yourself or your family members. Critical illness insurance may be taken as an additional means of protection along with health insurance; accident insurance; life risks insurance and life insurance (guaranteed interest or investment).

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

myocardial infarction;


malignant tumor (cancer);

renal failure;

loss of limb function;

coronary artery bypass graft surgery;

organ transplantation;


loss of limbs;


third degree burns;

aorta surgery;

mitral valve replacement or restoration;


loss of language (speech disorder);

benign brain tumor;

acute hepatitis;


bacterial meningitis.

support guaranteed financial support for the employee or his/her family members;

financial support for expensive treatment or rehabilitation;

compensation for loss of earnings (due to inability to work);

favorable tax environment.

additional means of company employees’ motivation.

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