Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

The ultimate goal of a company’s managerial staff liability insurance is to provide financial protection to company managers when they are subject to civil liability for their allegedly unlawful conduct while they perform management functions and supervisory role.

Insurance Cover


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indemnify the losses of the company’s managers due to their civil liability for damage to third parties;

compensates for civil and criminal liability legal defense costs for executives and managerial staff;

bear the cost of the investigation;

reimburses the costs of legal representation for lawyers, solicitors and other professionals (auditors, accountants, public relations professionals, etc.);

compensate for fines and penalties;

cover the costs for repairing reputation;

indemnifies personal expenses in case of seizure or confiscation of property;

insures spouses and descendants;

provides automatic coverage for all affiliates;

reimburses claims related to bad recruitment practices;

compensates the company for losses if the law, company or articles of association provides that the company has to compensate for the damage caused by erroneous decisions of its managers and legal defense costs.

policyholders are natural persons working in the company, not the company itself;

company’s managerial staff liability insurance allows them to feel safer in performing their daily tasks and responsibilities;

unlimited retroactive date, usually not limited to insurance cover for managers leaving the company during the term of the insurance contract;

we provide insurance cover not to the specific individuals under the list, but to all managers who hold managerial positions in the company (existing, future, former).

private companies;

non-governmental organizations;

budgetary institutions.

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