Political Risk, Political Violence, War and Terrorism Insurance

This insurance covers loss of business or property losses due to riots, strikes, revolts, revolutions, civil wars, wars between states, terrorism. Every year around 10,000 terrorist attacks are committed in the world with a high level of fatal accidents. Risk of terrorism is identified in around 80 countries around the world, whereas around 130 countries experience political unrest.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

the consequences of political violence (revolution, terrorism or war);

expropriation of major assets by the government;

denial or non-execution of contract by the government;

unlawful use of guarantees provided by the policyholder;

inability to convert currency;

impossibility to transfer funds.

in addition to financial protection, we undertake to provide political risk assessment and management services to policyholder including the management of emergency situation after the event.

companies engaged in international trade;

companies operating and/or having assets in foreign countries;

companies investing in foreign countries.

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