Product Civil Liability Insurance

The producer of the product, the supplier, the service provider bears civil liability for the damage caused concerning the inadequate quality of produced or sold product or service provided.

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civil liability of the manufacturer or service provider for damage to the property or health of third parties arising from the inappropriate quality of the products/services sold/provided by the policyholder;

a likelihood of confusion between products (where damage is caused by the deterioration of other products, the components of which were the products produced or sold by the policyholder);

a product withdrawal or recall (reimbursement of costs for detecting an unsafe product, separating an unsafe product that is physically attached or otherwise connected to another product, identifying a product’s features that create risk to safety, returning a product to a policyholder, persons specified by the policyholder, repairing or destroying an unsafe product).

provides indisputable benefits to both the perpetrator and the victim;

protects the property of the person who caused the damage from the claims made against it;

it guarantees the injured party compensation even if the accused person is unable to compensate himself for the damage caused without the assistance of insurance companies due to his limited economic resources.

legal defense costs incurred by the policyholder.

persons engaged in manufacturing activities;

trading companies;

companies providing services.

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